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Who we are

We also provide Advanced Analytics to enable fact based management, drive business decisions.
Be one of the best in applying advanced analytics to business problems with flawless execution of each customer engagement
We bring together award-winning data scientists and business professionals to improve decision making and increase competitive advantage.

The people behind the magic

Core team has 100+ years of work experience in marquee technology and consulting companies - Dell, IBM, Infosys, Sabre, Travelocity, Yahoo!

Shobhit Mathur

Shobhit Mathur Founder & CEO

Kumar Saurabh Johny

Kumar Saurabh J. Founder & CTO

M K Patil

M K Patil Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Shesha Shah

Shesha Shah Founder & Chief Data Scientiest

Sanadiip Kumaarr Jha

Sanadiip Kumaarr Founder & COO

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